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Kazumi Takigawa Born in 1986.  Majored in Sculpture at Tama Art University.

Waxed-cotton bag was born in process of studying sculptural materials.

Started selling them in Tokyo, japan from 2011.


The simple craft paper bag reproduced with long-term use materials.

Tons of paper are made and used everyday.  They are often used in short-term purposes because the material is suited for it.  Paper bags are also used temporarily and easy to dispose despite of their great design to carry things*.  This bag is made to use the great design for a long time in daily life and to feel fondness.


*The functional design to give strength at the bottom to carry heavy things, by piling squared paper.


The product is dyed with coffee and tea to reproduce the color of craft paper.  The materials for dyeing are also produced and disposed in bulk daily.  They are suited for the concept and the color.



The peculiarity of the product is waxing.  Waxed canvas reproduces stiffness and texture like paper bags, which appears by using.  It also gives strength to the bag.  By mixing 2 different kinds of waxes make it firm and supple.


Terms of use

White lines will appear by bending or scratching the bag in daily use.  When you want to remove the lines, iron the part lightly or give it hot airing with a hair dryer.  The bag becomes soft by using.  When you want the product stiff again, iron it at high temperature with cooking sheets at the under and the top of the product.  After cooling it down the bag will be firm as new.


Do not wash in water to keep the color and the texture. Use wrung towel to remove the dirt.

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